Do we Receive all the Image Files from our Sessions?

Yes, all of my pricing includes the digital photos from your sessions. This is why my pricing may seem a little higher upfront since you won't need to purchase additional files after a session. They are all included! I will be adding options for purchasing custom designed albums and framed prints in the case you would like the option of purchasing archival art from our sessions.

What Should we wear?

We can discuss what you should wear based on the type of session you are booking and the feel of the photos. One family might want to coordinate for an outdoor shoot and another might want to wake up play in pajamas. I'll guide you with suggestions based on the specifics of your session.

My House is a MEss.

So is mine! We just have a big play room that we throw all the kids things in and call it a day. If you have children, there is going to be stuff. There will be a time in your life where it's no longer there so I say document the highchairs, the favorite toys and the drawings scattered about. Whether you decide to hide it or leave it out, does not matter to me! The stress of cleaning a house before a session is not something I want you to spend your time on. We can incorporate all the things as a part of the story, or I can concentrate my shooting to clearer areas. There is zero judgement from me. It's whatever your comfort level is for how you'd like your home documented.

I don't love being photographed But know I should be in the photos.

I so feel you on this. I also do not love being on the other side of the lens but a stronger feeling is that I want my girls to have photos of me. I want them to know what I looked like at various stages of their lives. They love all of me because I am their mom. There are photos taken of me that I did not like immediately but now I cherish. Time teaches us that lesson. You don't get "the now" back. So I say be in the photos! Also, I'm a pretty great photographer, so I've got you :)

WE WANT Photos Smiling at the Camera TOO. do YOU TAKE those During the full sessions?

I start my full sessions with the smilers if a family requests them (it's in my pre-session questionnaire). So we can definitely do that if it's important to have some of those. However, my favorite family work largely consists of interactions and moments between family members in addition to tiny details of kids that I know you will want to remember-- little eyelashes, the first teeth popping through, thighs with rolls for days. Prior to your session, we discuss how you might want to reflect on this time in your life and create photos based on that intention.

How Far Do you travel For sessions?

I have photographed couples and families all over the US and internationally. For local families there is no charge for travel to your home. If you live outside of Chicago, I'd love to chat with you about having me travel to document your family.